The journal Ethics and Deontology invites interested and experienced people in the field of ethics to become reviewers of articles submitted for publication.

If you are interested in reviewing such articles, please send us your contact information, including your ORCID ID, institutional affiliation, a brief resume and 5-6 keywords in accordance with your expertise, to the following email address: The editors of the magazine will send you a notification after approval.

For the review process, publishers select potential reviewers based on their experience in the research areas relevant to the manuscript. Invitations are sent to reviewers by e-mail from the journal's management system. We ask reviewers to accept an invitation only if they have the necessary knowledge, time and objectivity to provide an unbiased evaluation of the manuscript. The principles underlying a fair review process are: declaring a conflict of interest and a competing interest; confidentiality; anonymity; professionalism in conducting reviews.