The concerns of the academic community regarding ethics and deontology, the theoretical and especially practical approach to various aspects of ethics, as well as the interdisciplinary research of specialists are the basis and main core of the Journal Ethics and Deontology.

Journal Ethics and Deontology covers the research and concerns of specialists in the classical field of ethics but also in the interdisciplinary fields such as: academic ethics, ethics of the legal professions, medical ethics, bioethics, ethics in public health, ethics in engineering professions, environmental ethics, ethics in communication and media, business ethics, politics ethics, etc. Against the backdrop of fast emerging developments in science and technology, the journal also adapts to emerging fields such as neuroethics, ethics in IT, nanoethics.

Ethics and Deontology invites authors to publish, in addition to research articles, review-type papers, short communications, critical opinions and case studies. We especially encourage paper that explore current issues and new ideas, propose new directions for research and development, with an impact on ethics and deontology. We also encourage interdisciplinary papers that present scientific and deontological research from different perspectives and go beyond the classical limits of theory and practice.

Only articles that have passed the peer-review procedure, and which comply with the requirements of drafting, originality and ethics in research and publication, will be published. In order to ensure the highest quality of the published papers, the journal has a scientific committee specialized in different fields. The double-blind review process is carried out by specialists in the field of the article. The editorial team makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information contained in our journal. However, none of the team members makes any declaration, neither warrants as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of any content of the information.

Ethics and Deontology is a bilingual (Romanian-English), biannual, open-access journal for readers, which means that we provide free online access to articles, immediately after publication, increasing the visibility, citation and impact of autor’s research.

Through its sections, journal Ethics and Deontology becomes a landmark of national research in the field, a point of connection with international research and a specific and specialized source for practitioners in the field and beyond.

Born from the concern of practitioners in the field of ethics, the journal Ethics and Deontology is the partner of the organizers of the International Conference Ethical Values in Nowadays Society (VESA), hosted by Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania.