Journal Ethics and Deontology is an international journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of ethics, from a theoretical and applied perspective, in all scientific fields.

The main aim of the Journal is to create a platform for scientific debate from the perspective of ethics and deontology, thus providing a bridge between researchers of technical sciences and socio-humanities around the world.

The Journal brings together articles by authors from different countries, from the academic environment, but also from the practitioners of law, medicine, engineering and arts, encouraging the publication of both research papers and their critical analyses and case studies in the following themes:

  • General ethics,
  • Academic ethics,
  • Ethics in research and publication,
  • Ethics of the legal professions,
  • Ethics in public administration,
  • Medical ethics (including bioethics, healthcare ethics, etc.),
  • Ethics in public health,
  • Ethics of the engineering professions,
  • Environmental ethics,
  • Ethics in communication and media,
  • Business ethics, corporate ethics,
  • Ethics and social responsibility,
  • Political ethics,
  • Ethics in international relations, diplomatic ethics,
  • Ethics in the artistic professions,
  • Veterinary medical ethics,
  • Sports ethics.

This Journal is published regularly 2 times a year (in July and December), the July issue being dedicated to the publication of the articles presented at the International Conference "Ethical Values in Nowadays Society" (VESA).

The convergence of scientific debates within the Journal and within VESA ensures the desire of publishers to create, support and develop an ethical culture at least in the academic environment.